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STB'S blocked by the provider

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  • STB'S blocked by the provider

    no answer from Technical Support I have four days without the service...What's going on????

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    LOL..what is going on??? that is a soft question..."What de hell is going is on" is more like it...You cannot block 100 of my accounts for over 80 days and don't expect anyone to be pissed off.People work hard for their money...and you cannot do what you feel like with it.Just imagine i am begging you (iptvnumbers) for over 80 days ..DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW PAINFUL IS THAT????I am depending on this as bread on the table for my family and you take my money and do what you feel like .without any care...EVERYONE HAS A LIMIT TO HOW MUCH THEY CAN TAKE!!!..They ask me for my donation numbers several times not to activate them but to disconnect them.I only have 8 out of 100 accounts working...for the last 80 days and counting..can you imagine that????..would you believe technical difficulty for 80 days??? this modern day..I am the only idiot
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      Of course this attachment was in September...I only got 8 of 100 numbers activated a few days...and in 2 days they start disconnecting them....let me know what you can anyone stay quiet on this ?????/
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        This is the 4th or 5th time I have been down this year. It really is getting tiresome and I will not renew next month if things don't improve.


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          I have the same problem need help asap


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            Stb. Blocked what i can do?


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              Originally posted by Elsar View Post
              Stb. Blocked what i can do?
              Did you do iptv reset the system is working fine.
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