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some fun with Kodi code names

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  • some fun with Kodi code names

    As many know and maybe some did not realize ... the Kodi (formally XBMC) have always named their versions in alphabetical order, see list below...

    Atlantis v7
    Babylon v8
    Camelot v9
    Dharma v10
    Eden v11
    Frodo v12
    Gotham v13
    Helix v14
    Isengard v15
    Jarvis v16

    With the letter K coming next, what do you think the next Kodi code name will be or should be ?

    I tend to think about the true meaning of the word.
    Jarvis for example, could be referring to the original name Gervas, which translates into 'Servant of the Spear'

    For the K letter, I am gonna say Kantikoy
    Which translates to 'dance as an act of worship'

    And yes I know that Kodi forums has same type of thread on-going and is where I got the idea.
    I don't mean to copy another's idea, but it is a great idea for a thread no matter how you look at it
    Thnx again to Kodi for all they do

    So what yous think would be the new K name coming soon ?
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