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Lightbulb [MOD] Windows Registry Tweak - MCE Remote to Use Kodi

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  • Lightbulb [MOD] Windows Registry Tweak - MCE Remote to Use Kodi

    Thought I would share the setup I have been using for almost 10 years on one of my systems. It remaps the Windows Button on the MCE Remote to open Kodi in instead of Windows Media Center. It also has something called 'Smart Focus' so that any time the Windows Button is pressed on the remote, it brings you back to the Kodi home screen.

    There is an included keyboard.xml file that has been modded by elitegamer360 (I think from the old doom forum) that has some handy tweaks. One is that when you are in full screen video mode, the pageup/down will utilize the zoom function. This is useful if the stream is not taking advantage of the full screen.

    Typical windows functions still work, such as pressing the '0' will still return you to the previous channel when in pvr mode.

    You can read all about what's included and how you can use all or part of the custom regex here:

    At first glance it does look a bit daunting, so it's not for the novice. But for those experienced Kodi users on Windows, this is a great hack to use an old MCE Remote. If you don't have one, you can readily pick one up on ebay for about $10.

    While this hack is not for everyone, the few who do choose to use it will certainly appreciate it.

    I really like pressing a button on the remote and bringing up Kodi. While I suppose you could simply remap any button on any remote to do this, this is something that was done about a decade ago and it 'just works' and is quite nice.

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